Ceiling Mount Kit For ER80M or 200DX


The Ceiling Mount Kit comes with all the necessary hardware to suspend your RecoupAerator® below an overhead mounting surface (typically floor joists).

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Ceiling Mounting Kit for the RecoupAerator ER80M or 200DX PARTS Included in the Ceiling Mounting Kit are: Ceiling Plates (4) Eyebolts (4) 2 inch Wood Screws (8) 100% Polyurethane Hanging Straps (4)

Please refer to the following recommendations for installing the Ceiling Mounting Kit.

1. The Ceiling Mounting Kit is ready to be installed into conventional overhead floor joist using the 8 included Wood Screws and Ceiling Plates. You may need to drill pilot holes for the screws.

2. Hang the unit from the Eye Bolts using the provided S‐Hook Rubber Straps, and the D‐rings on the outside of the unit.

3. Now you can complete the wiring and duct installation for the RecoupAerator. Refer to the RecoupAerator Owner’s Manual / Installation Guide for more information.



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