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Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs, provide a more comfortable home, are more energy-efficient, and use construction materials that are more environmentally sustainable than traditional building construction. SIPS virtually eliminate guesswork and waste. This makes any job done using our system much more desirable and efficient for everyone involved.

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As the building industry moves toward a more energy conscious model, old products and building techniques will no longer suffice. The requirements for R- value, or insulation, for walls and ceilings are increasing. All municipalities will soon be adopting these code standards leaving anyone who hasn’t prepared at a stark disadvantage. NetZero offers panels that are compliant with the 2018 IECC for insulation requirements in all climate zones. Using our SIP’s will not require builders to add on extra exterior insulation thus saving on cost and time.

Understanding the changing codes associated with new construction should be a priority for all builders. At NetZero, we can make those transitions not only seamless but cost-effective as well. Be a part of the change and get ahead of the curve by preparing your company or building for compliance with the 2018 IECC.


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