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The black, fleece-backed flashing tape Fentrim F is the ideal flashing solution for job-site conditions where mixed substrates are present. Primer is not required, even for masonry, and the aggressive acrylic adhesive bonds in the most difficult temperature conditions. A tear-proof, split-release liner allows fast and error-free results…every time.


There is a newer version of this product – Fentrim 430 grey – available in 4″, 6″, and 9″ widths



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Fentrim F is a fleece-backed, semi-permeable acrylic flashing tape. The robust, polyolefin (PO) carrier resists jobsite abrasions while remaining formable and pliable, even in below freezing temperatures. Extremely high bond strength to cured concrete, metal, and wood.

For a pre-folded version of this tape, try Fentrim IS 2.


100 mm (4 in. ), 150 mm (6 in. )

Length: 25 m (82 ft.)

Your advantages

  • high adhesive strength at high and low temperatures
  • easy to apply, immediately 100% tight
  • robust, fleece-backed carrier material
  • reliable, long-term building value
  • no primer required for masonry
  • saves time, eliminates process mistakes


SIGA Manual US

Fentrim F – Technical Data Sheet

Fentrim F – Material Safety Data Sheet

Fentrim F Brochure

Window Flashing with Fentrim

AAMA 713 – Chemical Compatibility of Sealants with Fentrim













1 review for SIGA Fentrim F

  1. Montana Builder

    the fentrim is pretty impressive. It sticks in very cold weather and is flexible enough but not too stretchy where it loses integrity. It’s quite thin but still seems just as strong if not stronger than the Vycor.

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