UltimateAir ER80M ERV Recoupaerator


The RecoupAerator ER80M is a whole house Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), meaning temperature and a portion of the moisture from the stale, outgoing air is transferred to the incoming Fresh Air.

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UltimateAir ER80M ERV Recoupaerator

UltimateAir has created the Ideal solution to limited space ventilation. Engineered with versatile duct port layouts allowing an easy fit into any home, condo, hotel or space limited project.

Included Standard Features

  • Independent Brushless DC Motors
  • Variable Fresh Air Flow 20 – 100 CFM
  • Fresh Air Control Dial
  • MERV 12 Filtration
  • Fully Insulated
  • No condensation drain necessary
  • Automatic Frost Prevention down to 10° F
  • 2-Year Warranty and 5-year extended available
  • Permanently lubricated Ball Bearings throughout
  • Quiet Operation & Low/Easy maintenance
  • Engineered and Made In The USA


UltimateAir ER80M Spec

UltimateAir ER80M Manual

ER80M Performance Data (Third Party Testing)

PHIUS Certification for ER80M

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