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Alpen High Performance Products integrates high quality craftsmanship, super-insulating materials and advanced glazing technology to manufacture windows that deliver unparalleled beauty, performance, comfort and style.

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We made this quick video to show clients visually how the @buildequinox CERV2 arrives and the unboxing process.

Guest appearances 🎥
• Hans Joachim Preiss, Mechanical Designer from BrightSense
• Klaus Holzapfel, Builder
• Todd Collins, Cameraman from AE Building Systems

"A building is a complex system of many components (most importantly envelope + mechanical systems) that need to be designed to work together for the end product to be efficient, comfortable, resilient and long-lasting," —Hans Joachim Preiss, aka Electrification Specialist.

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SIGA products avoid spray applications and also avoid toxins such as formaldehyde, solvents, and harmful resins. This family business started in Switzerland in 1965 and is focused on research and development to always push the "envelope"!

SIGA products are also proven to help with Passive House construction. Whether you’re building to these standards, or you just want a more energy-efficient space, SIGA products are a winner!

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Today, starts the 26th In­ter­na­tion­al Pass­ive House Con­fer­en­ce (PHI) in Wies­baden, Ger­many! We can`t wait to hear about the information and presentations shared, including case studies and research.

It`s exciting to see the focus on retrofits throughout the conference schedule.

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