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Alpen High Performance Products integrates high quality craftsmanship, super-insulating materials and advanced glazing technology to manufacture windows that deliver unparalleled beauty, performance, comfort and style.

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The Rose Residence is truly a beautiful bloom within the local community of Boulder, Colorado! This unique home was built with sustainability in mind from the bottom up.

So much heart and soul has gone into the Rose Residence, and AE Building Systems was honored to support the team/homeowners with gorgeous Alpen High-Performance Windows, Rockwool insulation, and SIGA`s weather/air barrier system.

Read about all the great building and design details in our blog >> link in bio!

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If you look 👀 close, you can see this Tyrol Tilt & Glide in action—tilting, that is!

Benefits of Tyrol @alpenhpp: NFRC whole-window ratings up to R-11.1 (U-0.09), the overall strength allows for more substantial glazing sizes, and multi-point locking aids in meeting stringent Passive House requirements for air infiltration. Reach out if you want to learn more!

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While we were on-site gathering photos and video for this month`s blog post project feature, we stumbled across a hilarious use of extra SIGA Majvest. 🤣

We ♥️ this unique take on embracing the sustainability lifestyle by recycling in the most adorable way. 🐣

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