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Alpen High Performance Products integrates high quality craftsmanship, super-insulating materials and advanced glazing technology to manufacture windows that deliver unparalleled beauty, performance, comfort and style.

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So many of our customers are shopping around, getting quotes and comparing the value. Thanks, Nancy, for sharing your decision process and satisfaction with the end result.

She gets the award 🏆 for best Google review—she continues ☺️ ... "Best customer service on the planet! Todd was helpful, patient, and knowledgeable throughout the whole process, and he is a great communicator. The windows are spectacular. I would get them again."

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Every time we see a solar panel salesperson at Costco, we think, what if that was a Passive House rep explaining the benefits of retrofitting your home? 🚀🧠 Can you imagine!

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Let`s talk about the concept of redlining!

In Passive House, the goal of redlining the architectural designs is to identify the continuous air barrier. The concept is straightforward: imagine tracing the air barrier of a building on paper using a red pen, without raising the pen until you return to the starting point.

While it may appear simple, this strategy serves to pre-emptively pinpoint potential issues in your air barrier approach before they manifest during construction later.

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There are so many factors to consider when building to passive house standards, especially when picking the right windows.

To assist you in this task, here is a list of 8 questions to ask your window manufacturer to be sure your windows are performing the best they can be for your home:

1. Ask to see the temperature factor data sheet (fRsi). If a window has a temperature factor declaration, they should have a data sheet they can show you.

2. Ask for warm edge spacers, which are typically plastic. Avoid metals like aluminum or stainless steel as much as possible.

3. Ask which climate ratings are best for the climate in which your project will be built.

4. Beware! Most manufacturers quote low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) by default, but if you are in a heating-dominated climate, you will want higher solar gain at least on the south elevation. So be sure to ask what SHGC they use in their quote.

5. Double check! This is important enough to state twice. Before confirming the order, ask again - what SHGC are they planning to send you? If you need high solar gain for your climate and they send you low, your heating demands will increase - double-check before the order is confirmed.

6. Ask for gas fill in your windows. It is worth it. If you have heard the myth that gas fill only lasts a few years, that is not true. There is only minimal performance loss over time for a gas-filled window.

7. Ask how much gas they put in the window. If they say 100%, they can`t be trusted. Gas fill is generally at 90-95%, so look for that answer.

8. Manufacturers are often unfamiliar with frame grades, so ask to see the ph certificate or data sheet.

We hope this helps you in your search for the perfect windows. Reach out if you have more questions!

Shout out to @emubldgscience for the inspiration for these questions.

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Attention to detail is crucial for achieving a fully sealed building envelope. Seamless integration around structural elements, penetrations, and claddings is also key.

Here are the essential air barrier details from our friends at Siga, mapped out for success:
A: Wall-to-roof connections
B: Proper membrane overlaps
C: Sealed fenestrations
D: Secure cladding attachments
E: Effective flashing integration
F: Seamless cantilevered floors
G: Penetration sealing
H: Foundation-to-wall integrity

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