SIGA Majvest 700 SOB

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Highly UV and Water-resistive Barrier for rainproof and windtight building envelopes in exterior applications for open facades with up to 2 inches joint width and a max. proportion of 40%.

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Acrylate coating on robust fleece for facades with permanently open gaps of up to 50mm and a maximum surface share of 40%.


Width: 1.5 m (4.9 ft.)

Length per roll: 33.4 m (109 ft.)

Area: 50 m2 (538 sq ft)


  • Extremely UV-stable – highly resistant to ageing and permanently tight
  • High adhesive strength with Wigluv black – reliability for all joints and overlaps
  • Sturdy and dimensionally stable – easy to apply with high optical quality
  • SIGA Adhesive Strength On Board (SOB)


Majvest 700 SOB Brochure

SIGA Majvest 700 SOB CSI Specification

SIGA Majvest System Guidelines

SIGA Manual US





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