SIGA Majvest 500 SA


Eliminate fasteners and Elevate the air-sealing
Performance & Wind-load resistance of your WRB.



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SIGA Majvest 500 SA is a vapor-permeable, 3-ply membrane, with the reverse face fully coated by a pressure-sensitive glue for direct bonding to substrates. The adhesive side of the sheet is protected by a white, siliconized, split-release liner which is removed during installation. Primer-free adhesion to most common building materials, including concrete, plywood, gypsum, and metal.

Wide 60” roll size, for efficient area coverage in above-grade wall applications.

Narrower 18” roll size, for use in construction sequencing, pre-stripping, and smaller sections of the wall field in above-grade wall applications.


18″, 60″

Length per roll: 100 ft.


  • high adhesive strength at high and low temperatures
    sticks in all seasons, long-term building value
  • no primer required
    fast and clean application, saves time
  • tear-resistant release liner with a 50/50 split
    easy to remove, saves time


SIGA Majvest 500 SA System Guidelines

Majvest 500 SA Technical Data Sheet

Majvest 500 SA – Material Safety Data Sheet



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