SIGA Fentrim 230 grey


The pre-folded and robust adhesive tape is especially suitable for the connection between window and door frames to seal exterior component joints in solid structures and metal structures outdoors.


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Fentrim 230 grey is the optimal solution for permanent airtight and driving-rain proof sealing of window and door frames in solid construction on the exterior. As with all tapes in the Fentrim family, Fentrim 230 grey is a completely primerless solution for all substrates — including masonry.

According to the rule “less permeable on the inside than on the outside”, the white colored window joint tape Fentrim IS 20 perfectly supplements Fentrim 230 grey.

For a non pre-folded version of this tape, try Fentrim 430 grey.

Widths (Folds)

75 mm (15/60mm), 100mm (15/85mm), 150mm (15/135mm)

Length: 25m

Your advantages

  • extremely high adhesive strength on every surface easy to apply, immediately 100% tight
  • 5/8” pre-folded, without backing strip fastest bonding to window frames
  • bonding from -10°C / 14°F fast and tight window installation all year-round


Fentrim 230 grey Brochure

Fentrim 230 grey – Technical Data Sheet

Fentrim 230 grey – Material Safety Data Sheet

Window Flashing with Fentrim

SIGA Majvest System Guidelines

AAMA 713 – Chemical Compatibility of Sealants with Fentrim


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