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Even though it is complex, towns like Golden are willing to tackle grid electrification! It’s fun to see a local municipality taking on the challenge! This has us so jazzed! 🎷

The hope is that other towns in Colorado, and the region, take on the challenge as well. As a result, we’ll see better management of our earth’s resources, greater sustainability, greater resiliency, and greater awareness of how electrification can benefit a community. We’re excited to see how this plays out in our backyard here in Golden, Colorado!

Read about the roadmap and strategies being used >> link in bio!

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The roof has one job: keep the weather outside. But because the weather can be crazy (and seems to be getting crazier), tasking the roof with keeping the peace between inside and out can be more challenging than it appears.

A cool roof is:
» Traditional (most existing buildings likely use this approach)
» Vented
» Utilizes insulation placed above the ceiling to maintain temperatures
» Has an advantage for warmer climates because venting allows heat to escape faster

A warm roof is:
» Usually not ventilated
» Rigid foam insulation is sometimes attached directly over the roof deck
» Heat is contained in the attic space, or there is no attic (in the case of vaulted ceilings or low slope roofs)
» Growing in popularity for new builds

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Theresa Worsham, the sustainability director for Golden, emphasized that “each community`s needs are likely going to be different, and its decarbonization plans need to be similarly different.”

Golden CO is pursuing four strategies to achieve its goals; read more about each of these in our blog. Link in bio!

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