Alpen Climbing Higher With Two Big Announcements

One of our long-time product partners, Alpen High Performance Products (Alpen), has been making headlines recently, and we couldn’t be more excited! Alpen recently shared news of receiving a substantial grant of $5.8 million from the United States Department of Energy (DOE). This funding is part of a broader DOE initiative, allocating $275 million to seven companies to enhance domestic supply chains and expedite clean energy manufacturing. Alpen also announced they are welcoming a new CEO, Andrew Zech, as longtime leader Brad Begin moves to the chairman role. Both of these announcements signal new changes for the company as they make moves to grow and scale!

DOE Grant Recipient

This DOE grant is a testament to Alpen’s dedication to manufacturing high-performance windows and doors. They’ve worked steadily for years to provide the best in high-performance glass, so it’s refreshing to see them receive such a great honor in the form of this grant! The New York Times reported that the DOE’s program plans to distribute $275 million to seven projects in its initial round, with expectations of attracting approximately $600 million more in private investment. 

Alpen anticipates the creation of over a hundred new jobs as a result of this funding, providing enhanced opportunities for Alpen’s diverse workforce. Alpen also announced the opening of a new facility in Vandergrift, PA, to better serve the eastern half of the United States and allow for increased capacity. Alpen aims to continue leading the way in comfort, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

The Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains’ (MESC) report indicates that Alpen’s production is expected to increase tenfold, generating well-paying jobs through investment in automation while significantly reducing customers’ energy consumption and heating/cooling costs.

“The capabilities unlocked by the DOE grant are staggering. It advances our goal of making the clean energy revolution a good thing for American communities and companies and jobs. The investment will create substantial job growth not just for Alpen but for other companies that supply Alpen.”

– Andrew Zech

About Alpen:

For over forty years, Alpen has been dedicated to transforming the built environment in the United States by designing cutting-edge windows, doors, and architectural glass. They build some of the most energy-efficient window and door products in North America and the world – AND they are right in our backyard. Alpen calls Louisville, CO, home and has provided a unique opportunity to the AE Building Systems’ customers and contractors. Their entire team has always been so supportive of our customers.

AE Building Systems & Alpen:

We’ve been proud partners of Alpen for over 10 years! With a true passion to provide top-of-the-line products and sustainable windows, Alpen was a natural choice for our team. With this new announcement, we’re thrilled to see how they grow and expand, making sustainable and energy-efficient windows even more accessible for our customers. 

If you have questions about your window options, our team would be happy to walk you through the possibilities and help you make the best-educated decision for your next project! Contact our team to walk through any questions or ideas you want to explore! 

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