Breathing Easy with CERV UV

If ever there was a time where we cared about our air quality, it’s now. With the recent pandemic, airborne illnesses have caused a huge spike in air quality considerations for construction. Many universities are moving classes to occur in spaces that already have higher quality ventilation; plus, commercial spaces are retrofitting and improving their ventilation systems to meet higher standards, and everyone is aware of the air they breathe. So, it makes sense that people are also thinking about this in their homes too! That’s why the CERV-UV has been such a revolutionary product for our industry and why we’re loving the results it’s bringing to our customers. 

Breathe Easy With the Help of Build Equinox

Build Equinox released the CERV-UV Ultraviolet Air Purification this last year, which is the latest big addition to the CERV family. They’ve been researching the UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) in recent years, and have incorporated that learning to create the world’s first smart ventilation system that includes integrated UVGI. It’s smart, it’s healthy, and it’s innovating homes like never before! 

Effective Kill Efficiency

Ventilation systems have been notorious for spreading germs and contaminants that affect air quality in a home. CERV has done a great job at improving this, but the introduction of UV to their already great system has been a game-changer! How well does UV work? It all depends on the lamp power and air velocity. This system has selected the lamp power in relation to typical CERV airflow to achieve a good first pass kill efficiency of 85%. UVGI radiation breaks up genetic material in microbes, thus providing a deeper layer of health to your home. These microbes are huge culprits for allergies, poor IAQ, and airborne disease transmission. The CERV UV uses an 18W UVGI light source made of titanium oxide doped quartz glass, so it does not produce ozone either.

A SMART Solution

The CERV UV system is not only great for indoor air quality; it’s also a no-brainer when it comes to simplifying your life. Between their touchscreen panel and mobile app, you can maintain control from anywhere. You can also see analytics on your air quality at any time and manage parts and service options as well. 


The primary consideration to maintain a system like the CERV UV system is to remember that you’ll need to replace the bulb on an annual basis. This helps ensure that the UV light is working fully to your advantage. 

Interested in using this system in your home? 

Whether you’re looking at a retrofit scenario or a new build, the CERV UV system is a superb option. Our team can help you figure out what you need and what specifications to include in an order. We can also answer any questions you might have about your own unique situation.

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