Rebuilding with Sustainable Purpose After the Marshall Fire

Two years ago, we watched in horror as the racing winds spread the Marshall Fire faster than anyone could imagine. The location made it all even worse as we saw entire blocks of homes go up in flames. With any tragedy, we all want to help but we often forget about the needs after the dust settles a little bit. However, for the families affected, the journey is a long one, and to this day many families are still in the process of rebuilding. 

At AE Building Systems, we’re proud to be a small part of the rebuild story in Louisville, CO for the Marshall Fire. We are actively working with several builders for products. We’re also actively talking with homeowners to answer questions. And just as the fire came through fast and furious, the rebuild efforts are moving fast too. 

Better Than Before

When you’re faced with the need to rebuild, in many cases you have a blank slate to start over. We all have ideas of what we would do differently in a home, and in this case, many homeowners now have the opportunity to make those ideas a reality. Many want to source products to help cut down on their energy costs, while getting a quality product. We’re seeing many homeowners who just want things done right this time around, especially when it comes to their windows and doors. So many homeowners had just been putting up with builder-grade products in their home, but now are making the priority to get high-quality windows to make their home operate and perform as well as it can. 

More Resilient

Being ready for anything is the name of the game, and so there’s been an interesting focus on rebuilding something that is resilient and that will last. No one wants to go through this again. There’s a clear focus around building homes that can withstand the elements while being fire resistant in the future. The focus on rebuilding has been centered around elements like air-tightness, simple home shapes, enclosed eaves, covered porches/decks, and attention to fuel bridges. Another major consideration is the windows and doors used in construction that can hold up better in extreme heat like nearby fires. Safety AND sustainability have become a bigger player in the conversations. 

There are many resources for architects, builders, and homeowners, and the topics range from designing a more healthy home (air quality!) to a resilient home, to rebates and incentives, and help finding your team! 


Recent climate crises have put sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Events like the Marshall Fire show us how quickly fires can get out of control in climates like Colorado. We all know we can do our part in sustainability. These rebuilding efforts are a great opportunity to lean into these sustainable goals. 


There are many rebates and incentives available to those rebuilding from the Marshall Fire. They range from equipment rebates, to solar, to other home system rebates and more. It’s worth looking through the links below to view all of the various rebates that could be an option for your rebuild. Many of these allow a home to be built better, and more sustainable than before! 

Resources for those affected by the Marshall Fire:

At AE Building Systems, we’re passionate about building homes that are safer, healthier, and more efficient. But, we’re also passionate about empowering architects, builders, and homeowners to make smarter choices. That starts and ends with education. If you’re in the process of rebuilding from the Marshall Fire, or working on a project in general, we want to help you understand what you’re purchasing and why. You should have full confidence in your decisions and we are happy to help. Please contact us as you’re making decisions!

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