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ProVia is committed to making doors individually customized for homeowners to the highest standards of durability, security and energy efficiency in the residential market.

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ProVia has developed a competitive position by catering to a niche within the door market that demands a high degree of customization coupled with outstanding quality.

ProVia manufactures energy efficient products, but also exercises corporate environmental stewardship. Here are a few examples:

  • Use of Honeywell’s fourth generation Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent that was formulated to be nonflammable while significantly lowering global warming potential and improve energy efficiency.
  • Recycling of paper, metals and glass.
  • Solar energy panels are being used at three production facilities as part of the company’s effort to lower energy costs.
  • Pollution Prevention Program dramatically reduced solvent usage.
  • To save fuel, ProVia’s trucks use the TriPacTM Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System.
  • Paperless online ordering and internal paperless fax system reduces paper usage.

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