Sustainability Blooms at the Rose Residence

The Rose Residence is truly a beautiful bloom within the local community of Boulder, Colorado! This unique home was built with sustainability in mind from the bottom up. So much heart and soul has gone into the Rose Residence, and AE Building Systems was honored to support the team/homeowners with gorgeous high-performance windows to help cap off their project! 

The Rose Residence is a gem within the city limits of Boulder, boasting one of the few full-acre properties in their neighborhood. They are a young family with three boys, but they also embrace the hobby farm lifestyle with two Nigerian Dwarf goats, chickens, cat, large garden, berry patch, and amazing tree house. The garden and animals actually influenced some of their design decisions to situate the main house within the lot and give more privacy where it was desired. This home and studio was built with family in mind, but also the practicality of a home office and hobby farm life in mind, with tile floors, mudrooms, and plenty of space! The house was designed by Rose-Leigh Design and built by Blue Mountain Design + Build. The owner, Laura Rose, designed all of the exterior details and the interiors. 

Sustainable at the Heart

The Rose Family really felt a high-performance home was simply the right thing to do on a personal and environmental level. The house also boasts a wall assembly starting with SIGA Majvest and Wigluv on the sheathing for airtightness.  Next is 1.5” Rockwool Comfortboard, Delta Dry Stucco + Stone, diamond lath and finally concrete & limestone finish. While this design presented some challenging puzzles to incorporate Rockwool near the exterior, they were able to accomplish a truly unique AND high-performing wall assembly. The home requires very little heating! 

Along with these energy-conscious design decisions, the house includes a whole-house ERV tied to a heat pump air handler and a heat pump water heater. They have also invested in solar panels and a whole-house battery backup system to support their current home, which is already very air-tight and energy-efficient. 

High-Performance Makes Sense

High-performance windows from Alpen made perfect sense for this project and it was an honor to support this project. The windows filled a large space within the living room (5.5’x8’) and the homeowners wanted a solution that would support the energy efficiency that runs throughout the entire house. As a customer of AE Building Systems, they loved working with a local company, but also a local product! They liked that Alpen is produced locally, for environmental reasons, lead time, and turnaround time for any potential issues. Not only that, we were able to take them on a tour at Alpen and show them the process and features of the product they were purchasing! 

If you’re wanting to source high-performance windows, you’re in luck! We have local access to arguably the best price/performance window products out there. We’ll walk you through your options and can provide you with a tour of the Alpen facility in person! It’s a great way to get up close and personal while making your home the highest performer on the block! 

2 thoughts on “Sustainability Blooms at the Rose Residence”

  1. Cool project! Thanks for sharing!

    I like the short video showing the rockwool exterior insulation, flashing and drainage plane.

    Do you know what type of insulation they are putting in the wall cavities and the attic or underside of the roof deck?

    1. The walls have mineral wool batts and I don’t know about the attic/under roof-deck… I believe blown fiberglass. The older portion of the house is spray foam… done before they purchased the property.

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