High-Performing Windows for High-Performing Homes

They say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If we, as a business, took stock of the top five brands we spend our time with, Alpen Windows would be at the top, and their recent evolutions only continue to affirm we’re surrounded by excellence.

AE Building Systems & Alpen Hig-Performance Products

At AE Building Systems, we work heavily with Alpen windows, and have for many years now. Alpen products align well with our pursuit of energy efficiency and Passive House design as they offer an incredible price/performance quotient for windows and doors. We also love the relationship we have with them as Alpen is, and has been since the 1980s, leading the US into the world of high-performance fenestration (windows and doors). Because they are in our backyard, we’ve been able to tour their facilities with our clients, enabling a unique perspective into a product line they don’t normally get. 

Where Credit Is Due

This past year, Alpen announced a few exciting things, including the Zenith line claiming a top spot in EnergyStar’s “Most Efficient” rating scale. While Passive House is more rigorous than EnergyStar, this recognition affirms their commitment to sustainability and efficiency. Now they have the accolade to prove it! Alpen windows have been featured in many award-winning projects by the PHIUS Passive House Conference. This has highlighted the role of windows in rigorous sustainable building approaches. 

Alpen is on the cutting edge of high-performance windows for high-performing homes. It’s exciting to be a part of their successes. To be able to provide our customers with a solid solution that provides so many benefits is the foundation of what we like about Alpen. 

What This Means For YOU

As a consumer, this means some nice tax incentives, on top of a solid product for your home. There are federal tax credits available that consumers can learn about here for windows and doors. There is also a $600 credit available until 2032 when using windows that meet Energy Star’s “Most Efficient” standards. NFRC labels are generally required to submit for the credit. Also, if you are eligible for assistance, EnergyStar even has some assistance options for upgrades. They’re worth checking out!  If you are looking for an incentive to invest in the best windows and doors you can put in a home, this is a great one to leverage. Bonus: if you are looking for tax incentives for your next project, make sure DSIRE is on your radar to search for any current options! 

We know upgrading windows on a home or adding new ones into a new project can feel a little overwhelming. There are many factors to consider from looks and design to construction and materials. That’s why we’ve done the legwork to only carry the top lines for homeowners and contractors who care about the best performance and energy savings over time. We know the ins and outs of high performance windows and are happy to help you find the right pick for your project! 

Watch Todd’s explainer video to learn more about glass, frames, spacers, gas, and panes. 

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