Feeling Thin is a Win With Alpen Thin Glass

You know that feeling when you try on your old Letterman Jacket, or the jeans from ten years ago? It feels GOOD to fit into the same size, right?! That same feeling is what we get when we fit triple pane windows in the same standard size of a double pane window and get even more performance! 

Okay, okay… maybe that’s a stretch. BUT, it’s the truth. Alpen’s new Thin Glass technology now makes it possible to get even higher performance out of our windows without significant increases to size and weight of the windows. That’s a BIG DEAL when it comes to constructing high performance and passive houses!

What is Thin Glass?

Alpen is excited to share about their new Thin Glass design with the world and we’re excited to share it with our customers too. This new product is changing the face of high-performance windows and offering great solutions for building projects. Alpen uses a triple-pane window, which utilizes thin glass as the center pane. Historically, double pane windows were really seen as the industry standard, and utilizing thin-film helped increase the performance. However, using a thin glass pane, Alpen is able to increase the R-value while maintaining the same industry-standard thickness of the window. The new style only increases the weight by 12 percent, and allows for possibilities for a quad-pane option that only adds 17 percent.

What Makes Thin Glass So Great?

Thin Glass is proving to be an innovative product for so many applications, but let’s take a brief look at the big benefits:

  • The use of thin glass for the center panes provides some of the most energy-efficient windows on the market today. Superior U-factors, increased condensation resistance (CR) and increased visible light transmission (VT)!
  • The cost is currently the same as using thin-film, yet with improved performance.
  • Tested and verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council.
  • Multiple glazing options available.
  • Crafted in the United States at local facilities with specific manufacturing space dedicated to Thin Glass production.
  • Paired with Quanex Super Spacer for even greater performance! 

Thin Glass & Thin-Film: Cousins in the Industry

Thin Glass is a comparable product to Thin-Film, both made by Alpen and both great options. Thin-Film has been Alpen’s go-to for many, many years, and will still be available for many of their top lines like Zenith and Tyrol. Suspended film still provides excellent insulation and R-values, while providing the lightest high-performance windows available. Thin Glass and Thin-Film are like cousins in the same family:  providing the same functions (at a comparable price) but are slightly different.

Thin Glass is set to shake up the world of high-performance windows. Customers are always looking for the best performing window options, regardless of the climate, and innovation like this sets the bar high. Whether you’re working toward a truly Passive House model, or just looking for a more efficient solution, Thin Glass technology in windows like Alpen’s is a great option! Check out Alpen’s product lines over on our website.

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