SIGA Meltell


High performance single-component fast-curing hybrid sealant

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SIGA Meltell

Meltell 300 is a single component elastomeric adhesive sealant curing without isocyanates, used for seam and joint sealing on windows, doors and penetrations for interior and exterior applications. This hybrid technology is paintable and is ideal for bonding on different materials such as concrete, wood, aluminum, and polyester.


Cartridge -10.48fl. oz (310 mL), Sausage pack -20.28 fl.oz (600 mL)

Product Color

White, Black

Movement capability

+/- 25%

Application Temperature Range

14° F to +104° F / -10° C to + 40° C

Your advantages

  • Easy to Shape
  • Compatible with all SIGA products
  • Fast drying time


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