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Wigluv is a tenaciously sticky, low-profile, acrylic sealing tape. Constructed of a special vapor-permeable polyolefin (PO) film, reinforcing mesh, and pressure-sensitive glue, SIGA Wigluv will bond even the most difficult substrates in extreme climate conditions. Primer is required for masonry and soft fiberboard.

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The white, single-sided high-performance adhesive tape Wigluv is the optimum solution for permanently sealing breathable membranes and facade membranes, for overlaps, penetrations, and bonds on the exterior.


20/40 mm x 25 m (2.4 in x 82 ft.)

60 mm x 40 m (2.4 in. x 131 ft.)

100 mm x 25 m (3.9 in. x 82 ft.)

150 mm x 25 m (5.9 in. x 82 ft.)

230 mm x 25 m (9 in. x 82 ft.)

300 mm x 25 m (12 in. x 82 ft.)


  • High adhesive strength in both hot and cold temperatures
  • Semi-permeable (1.7 perm) material allows damp substrates to dry out
  • Split release paper on rolls 4” and wider makes application fast and accurate

Suitable substrates

  • Wood
  • OSB or plywood
  • Gypsum fibreboards
  • Cement fiberboard
  • Metals
  • Hard plastics
  • Electric cables
  • Rigid Foam Insulation

Suitable membranes

  • Vapor and air barriers such as Majvest, Majcoat, or other weather barrier membranes.
  • Avoid using with tar paper, bituminous or silicone based membranes.


Wigluv – Technical Data Sheet

Wigluv – Material Safety Data Sheet

Wigluv Brochure

Window Flashing with Wigluv

AAMA 713 – Chemical Compatibility of Sealants with Wigluv

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