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Green geeks united this summer at Emu Building Science’s 2022 Passive House Open Days! What a great event, and amazing that this event will be coming back again later this fall! 

Emu started creating a Passive Haus Days Tour to celebrate local Passive Home designs and construction. Similar to other home tours, attendees can sign up and tour the homes on the list. Emu’s tour is specifically focused around Passive House Construction and seeing the work in action. It helps give people a vision for what could be a reality in their homes and helps make passive construction strategies more mainstream and accessible to homeowners. 

AE Building Systems was excited about the Summer 2022 tour by Emu, specifically because our team was part of multiple homes on the tour, including the Fisher Residence and the Kirsch-Stroupe Residence.

Fisher Residence (Milhaus)

This Fort Collins home is the modern farmhouse you always dreamed of. AE Building Systems was proud to support this resident, who was also the architect and builder, with Smartwin, Alpen windows and doors, and SIGA weather/air barriers. 

Read more about this project and the amazing design! 

Kirsch-Stroupe Residence

Sustainably-minded homeowners drove the desire for Passive House practices, and the result is simply stunning. AE Building Systems was honored to contribute to this project with SIGA exterior air barrier (Majvest, Wigluv, Fentrim 430), SIGA IS 20 for window details, and SIGA Majrex/Rissan for the interior air barrier materials. 

Read our full profile on this resident in Tabernash.

Donath Lake House(s)

These Fort Collins spec homes were constructed by Black Timber Builders, and the Donath Lake Community is the only single-family community of Passive House Certified Homes in the nation! We know the folks at Black Timber Builders well, and they have a reputation for excellence. Walking through these lake houses was a real treat! While these homes were largely pre-sold, they were spec builds, and the possibilities with Black Timber moving forward are simply endless! 

Ogden St. Complex

This multi-family certified passive house in Denver is an innovative look at sustainable design for multi-family construction. It has a sleek, modern design, infusing new life to the block, and is Colorado’s first multi-family passive house! This appeals to a different market of homeowners who are looking for multi-family construction but also want sustainability. The project also achieved a 0.28 ACH50 with a firewall, which many professionals didn’t think was possible. The project is literally paving the way for future construction performance in Denver! 

Interested in checking out another event like this? Emu’s upcoming Passive Haus Open Days is coming up on November 11-13! Follow them on Facebook to find the registration details when they’re released. 

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