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Why CERV 2?

You wouldn‘t buy a car without a speedometer, so why buy a ventilation system that doesn’t measure air quality? indoor air pollutants must be measured for efficient management, and the CERV 2 does lust that. Built—in C02 and VOC (volatile organic compound) sensors automatically measure and maintain excellent air quality in your home. Your family’s health is too important for guesswork.

Energy recovery taken to a new level. The CERV2’S super—efficient inverter drive heat pump technology surpasses traditional ERV/HRV systems. When you’re stuck inside on the coldest day of the year, you need fresh air the most – the CERV2 has no low temperature operation restrictions, so the fresh air can keep flowing. Home occupants in warm/humid climates will appreciate the CERV2‘S ability supply cool, dehumidified fresh air to the house. if that wasn‘t enough, the CERV2’S unique recirculation mode provides additional conditioning when fresh erg is not needed, significantly improving comfort.

Innovative controls further set the CERV2 apart from other ventilators. Built with the user experience in mind, our color touchscreen controller is easy to read and simple to use. For users interested in web connected devices, the CERV2’s optional internet gateway called CERV2~|CE opens up a world of ventilation control never before seen. Control your CERV2 from anywhere, access archived data, receive system notifications and updates, read your home health reports, and more! All from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.


CERV2 Booklet

CERV2 Installation Manual

CERV2 Webinar Slides

CERV2 Options Overview

CERV2 Lunch and Learn Slides – March 29, 2018

Duct Design Guide


CERV2 Zone Option Manual

Geo-Boost Installation Manual

Operation Guide

Touchscreen Guide

EnOcean ECOLOG Measuring Report

Informational Videos

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